Subdistrict Link Destinations in the 1911 Census

SubdistrictEnum. district# of links
Township 16 in ranges 174291
Township 18 in range 19 west of the 1st M433
Townships 24151

Adams, Beatrice

Adams, Edna

Adams, Etta

Adams, Hannah

Adams, John

Adams, Margaret

Averill, Alfred

Averill, Charles

Averill, Ellen

Averill, Elsie

Averill, Kate

Averill, Katherine

Brilby, Arthur

Brilby, Edith

Brilby, Jessie

Brilby, William

Cook, Alice

Cook, Allan

Cook, Ethel

Cook, Frank

Cook, John

Cook, Marshall

Erven?, Jonnie?

Gordon, Isibella

Greenlaw, Elizabeth

Greenlaw, Hannah

Greenlaw, John

Greenlaw, Matthew

Greenlaw, Robert

Greenlaw, Wilson

Hay, Jean

Hunter, Archibald

Hunter, Henry

Hunter, Mary

Hyndman, James

Jury, Ann

Jury, Frederick

Jury, Thomas

Jury, Thomas

Kingdon, Jemima

Kingdon, William

Matheson, Flora

Matheson, Jane

Matheson, Stanley

McDougall, Annie

McDougall, Archibald

McKay, George

McKay, Janet

McKay, Wilbert?

McPherson, Archibald

McPherson, Elizabeth

McQuarrie, Ann

McQuarrie, Edward

McQuarrie, John

Moad, Ada

Moad, Agnes?

Moad, John

Moad, Kasare?

Moad, May

Munro, Elikim

Munro?, David

Pedreson, ?????

Pedreson, ?igham

Pedreson, Ada

Pedreson, Annie

Pedreson, Bertha

Pedreson, Bertha

Pedreson, Carrie

Pedreson, Eva

Pedreson, Frank

Pedreson, George?

Pedreson, Hannah

Pedreson, Jennie

Pedreson, Kellie

Pother?, Andrew

Pother?, Arthur

Pother?, Isabella

Pother?, Simon

Pother?, Simon

Potter ?, William

Ross, Alexander

Ross, Donald

Ross, Lawerance

Ross, Louise

Ross, Minnie

Ross, Tabitha

Wilmot, John

Wilmot ?, Elsie

Wilmot ?, Fanny

Woodcock, Henry

Woodcock, Kathleen