THE TERRITORIES, ASSINIBOIA (West/Ouest), Stirling, O(2)

Subdistrict Link Destinations in the 1911 Census

SubdistrictEnum. district# of links
Townships 19651
Townships 19543
Township 18 in ranges 198219
Township 15 in range 1795
Vancouver City455
South Vancouver563
Townships 31692
Townships 35132
Township 19 in ranges 1782
Township 25 in ranges 18981
Townships 4331

Barker, C. E.

Barker, C. H.

Barker, E. M.

Barker, J. E.

Barker, R. E.

Bredin, B. G.

Bredin, Daisy C.

Bredin, M.

Bredin, Thos

Bredin, W. D.

Bredin, W. J.

Brown, B. M.

Brown, J. A.

Brown, M. A.

Brown, T. H.

Colton, A. M. B.

Colton, I. M.

Colton, M. I.

Colton, M. W.

Davey, E. M.

Davey, J. A.

Freethy, A. M.

Freethy, F.

Freethy, F.

Freethy, H. Mrs

Freethy, J. E.

Freethy, J. O.

Freethy, R. B. I.

Freethy, W. M.

Gimmell, W B

Greig, Thos

Greig, Wm

Pearce, Gordon W.

Pearce, J. H.

Pearce, L.

Pearce, L. S.

Pearce, M. A.

Pearce, N. H.

Pearce, T. F.

Traynor, J. G.

Traynor, M. A. J.

Traynor, R. W.

Traynor (?), Jas. D.