The following are links to people recorded in the 1901 Census that have links to records on other sites. There are currently almot 50,000 links between census records and other records, the majority of which are links to New Brunswick birth records.

New Brunswick Provincial Registrations of Births PANB RS141A2/2
Harold G Mitton
Link to entry at Provincial Archives of New Brunswick including digitized image.

LDS 1881 Census of Canada Site
Ralph E Mitton
Link to individual in 1881 Census on LDS site.

Soldiers of the First World War
Thomas Mitton
Link to digitized images of WW I attestation papers at the National Archives.

Canadian Virtual War Memorial
Percy L Mitton
Link to entry in the Canadian Virtual War Memorial on the Veterans Affairs Canada site.

1906 Census
Alice Marples
Link to record in the 1906 Census.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
Gabe Acquin
Link to a biography in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online (Library and Archives Canada).

Manitoba Vital Statistics
William Atchison
Link to record on Province of Manitoba government site.

Registres de la paroisse de Haute-Aboujagane
Theophile Noel
Hippolite Cassidy
Link to record at Université de Moncton Centre d'études acadiennes site.

Library Holdings Name References
Rufus Colpitts
Peter Innes
Daniel Lionel Teed
Link to a name reference in Library Holdings Name References database.

Sackville Tribune
Alice Sprague
Link to a newspaper article.

Daniel Lionel Teed
Link to an online photograph.

Andrew A. Henry
Link to a 1919 autobiographical essay.

Cemetery Gravestones
Arthur Forbes
Link to a virtual cemetery with gravestone photograph.

Multiple entries in the 1901 Census
Amanda Brochu
Links between two entries for the same person in the 1901 Census.

Record Linking Project Prototype
Vital Arsenault
Link to a prototype for linking records from multiple census, parish and provincial sources.

McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory 1907-08
Emma Osborne
Link to an entry in the McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory 1907-08 at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia site.

Library and Archives Canada: Prime Ministers
William Lyon McKenzie King
Wilfrid Laurier
Robert Laird Borden
Louis Stephen St. Laurent
John George Diefenbaker
Lester Bowles Pearson