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District Summary Français
Kent, New Brunswick
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1 1350 Acadieville Beliveau Road, North Branch Road, Robichauds Road, St. Pierre, St. Thomas
2 450 Carleton Parish Point Sapin
3 750 Carleton Parish Betts River, Fontaine Creek, Lake Road, North Side Kouchibouguac R, Richibucto, Sullivan Road
4 850 Dundas Parish Notre-Dame
5 650 Dundas Parish Cocagne, McDougall, Shediac, Shediac Bridge, White Settlement
6 1100 Dundas Parish Bar de Locagne, Breau Village
7 750 Dundas Parish Casey Cape, Cocagne Cape Road, Cove Road, Grand Digne Road
8 550 Harcourt Parish Adamsville, Adamsville West, Birch Ridge, Canaan, Clairville, Coal Branch, Grangeville, Harcourt Road
9 600 Harcourt Parish Harley Road, Lake Stream, Little Forks, Mortimere, The Grade
10 750 Richibucto Parish East Galloway Road, California Road, Galloway Road, West Galloway, Main River Road, South Rexton, Post Road, River Road, Jardineville, East Branch Road, Chockfish River
11 1350 Richibucto Parish Richibucto Town, North Rexton Village, Upper Rexton
12 1350 Richibucto Parish Richibucto Parish, Maillet Village, South Beach, East Galloway, Bells Mill, Richibucto Cape, Indian Island, South Richibucto Village, St. Ann Village, Chockfish Bay, Little Chockfish, Prairie Village, Piroque, Bédèque
13 1300 St. Charles
14 600 St. Louis Parish McLeods Mills, St. Ignace, Cameron`s Mills
15 1200 St. Louis Parish Lower St. Louis, Little Cape, St. Louis Village, Post Road, St. Thomas, Upper St. Louis, St. Jean Baptiste, Guimonds Settlement
16 1250 St. Marys
17 1250 St. Marys Parish St. Marcel, McKees Mills, St. Antoine, Puellering, Coates Mills, McLaughlin Road, St. Damien
18 1450 St. Pauls Parish McLaughlin Road, south side of Main Buctouche River, north side of Main Buctouche River, Belliveau Settlement, Bristol Settlement, McLean Settlement, Girourd Settlement, Cormier Settlement, Devareusse Settlement
19 750 Weldford Parish Malus River north side, Malus River south side, Harley Road, Kent Junction, Main River north side, Bass River north side, Bass River south side
20 750 Weldford Parish St. Nicholas River, Balla Philip, east branch of St. Nicholas River, west branch of St. Nicholas River, south branch of St. Nicholas River, Spring Brook, Main River
21 600 Weldford Parish Pine Ridge, West Branch, St. Norbert
22 1050 Weldford Parish Weldford Parish, Beersville, Clairville, Pine Ridge, Big Brook, Fords Mills, St. Norbert, Front Brook, St. Augustine, Beckwith Road, Smiths Corner, Harley Road, Emerson
23 850 Wellington Parish Wellington Parish, St. Pierre, St. Anne, St. Gabriel, St. Maurice, Upper St. Maurice, Gerouard Settlement, St. Irène
24 1450 Wellington Parish Buctouche, St. Joseph, Marie De Kent - additional enumeration districts
25 1000 Wellington Parish
26 950 Wellington Parish Cormierville, St. Thomas, St. François, Petite Rivière, Village Gosselin, South St. François, North Petite Rivière, chemin de poste
27 300 Weldford Micmac Indian Reserve Big Cove